[Smt-talk] prog rock symphonies; what's in a name?

MICHAEL MORSE mwmorse at bell.net
Fri Nov 27 18:15:31 PST 2009

Brian Robison said: 
Michael, methinks you've answered your own question, but then retreated from the answer. So some genres are divided by a common moniker. So what?
Or, more briefly yet: Why adopt a position that would restrict intellectual inquiry?

Brian Robison

  Well, dear fellow, I certainly don't aim for any such thing. Perhaps what's wanted is to square the circle: attempting to legislate what is or isn't symphony/symphonic isn't really an appropriate calling for musicologists, any more than assessing the authenticity of validity of any kind of music. That said, telling the stories of how "genres are divided by common monikers" is eminently worthwhile, very much in our bailiwick, I believe, and not at all a waste of time.

  Perhaps, then, even worse than seeking to restrict inquiry, I'd want to demand that it expand to embrace consciously contradictory, or at least paradoxical briefs!

Cheers & Best,

ps what do the chimpanzees in the rain forest tell you!?
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