[Smt-talk] Learning Differences in Aural Skills

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Dear Loretta,

I tutor a dyslexic university opera student in aural skills and
unfortunately there is almost no scholarly literature on music reading for
dyslexics (at least adults).  There is, however, one important initial study
that I am aware of:

Hebert, Sylvie, Renee Beland, Christine Beckett, Lola Cuddy, Isabelle Peretz
and Joan Wolforth.  "A Case Study of Music and Text Dyslexia."  *Music
Perception* 25/4 (2008): 369-81.

Sylvie is continuing her research in this subject at the Universite de
Montreal so you might want to contact her.

Another scholar with interest in music and dyslexia is Katie Overy at the
University of Edinburgh.

If you are working with a dyslexic student and want to compare notes, feel
free to contact me privately at laurel.parsons at questu.ca.

Good luck,

Laurel Parsons, Ph.D.
Tutor in Humanities (Music)
Quest University Canada
3200 University Blvd.
Squamish, BC
VB8 0N8
laurel.parsons at questu.ca

On Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 11:30 AM, Notareschi, Loretta K
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>  Dear Collective Wisdom:
> I am looking for scholarship in two areas:
> 1) Gender differences in learning aural skills
> 2) Dyslexia in learning music reading, specifically sight singing
> Could someone point me in the right direction?
> Sincerely,
> Loretta Notareschi
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