[Smt-talk] The Prog-rock Symphony?

Walt Everett weverett at umich.edu
Sat Nov 21 06:49:29 PST 2009

On Nov 18, 2009, at 6:09 PM, Dmitri Tymoczko wrote:

> I'm wondering if anyone can help me come up with examples of what I  
> think of as the "Prog-rock Symphony" -- album-length, through- 
> composed instrumental pieces suggesting some sort of classical  
> influence, however vague.

I wonder if Sigur Rós would qualify?  Their vocalists supposedly draw  
from nonsense syllables based on their native Icelandic, and the  
vowels are long-sustained, so the effect is quite instrumental.  The  
music, tending to slow-moving tracks of 7-13 minutes in length,  
reminds me of Brian Eno's ambient effects put to drums-and-bass  
ostinati, with some resemblance to recent Radiohead.  A symphonic  
scope is suggested by the multiple synths and guitars in a thick,  
reverb-soaked texture that occasionally supports ensemble climaxes.

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