[Smt-talk] Pop songs with metrically altered transistions

Zac Cairns zachary.cairns at rochester.edu
Sun Nov 29 10:34:22 PST 2009

My personal favorite is the transition leading to the final chorus in Bon
Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer" (following the guitar solo).  Not only does the
last bar of the transition "drop" a beat, but it also ushers in a rather
alarming modulation up a minor 3rd.  (And, as an aside, it always cracks me
up that neither Jon Bon Jovi nor any of his background vocalists seem to be
able to hit all the highest notes in the new key...)

Hope this is helpful!
Best wishes,

Zachary Cairns
PhD Candidate, Music Theory
Eastman School of Music
zachary.cairns at rochester.edu
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