[Smt-talk] accellerandi-pieces

Olli Väisälä ovaisala at siba.fi
Mon Oct 12 10:07:19 PDT 2009

The most magnificent example that comes to my mind is Sibelius's Fifth  
Symphony, first movement, from about half-way to the end. The movement  
also consists interesting small-scale written-out accelerandi (between  
D and F, and between J and K in the score). Sibelius's Seventh Symphony  
also has a similar large-scale process (between G and L).

Another interesting example that pops into mind is the finale in  
Lutoslawski's Livre, which culminates in a passage in which a  
percussion attack (frusta, I think) articulates textural passages of  
decreasing length. Gradually these attacks become closer to the center  
of attention and articulate a series of chords that further  

Olli Väisälä
Sibelius Academy
ovaisala at siba.fi

> i am lookink for pieces with large-scaled accellerandi, either  
> incremental (as in carmens 'danse boheme') or stepless, either via  
> tempo-modification or via rhythm-change.
> thanks a lot for help.
> johannes quint
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