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Peter Maxwell Davies' "Orkney Wedding with Sunrise" has an accelerando that represents a drunken wedding orchestra progressively playing out of control. Davies notates the passage rhythmically, with note values speeding up incrementally (and unevenly), rather than notating changes of tempo.

Ron Rodman
Carleton College

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Two more examples:

Pacific 231 by Honegger

Study no. 21, "Canon X," by Nancarrow - This work consists of two melodic 
lines, one of which continuously accelerates while the other continuously 

Peter Silberman
Ithaca College

On Sun, 11 Oct 2009, Johannes Quint wrote:

> dear list,
> i am lookink for pieces with large-scaled accellerandi, either incremental 
> (as in carmens 'danse boheme') or stepless, either via tempo-modification or 
> via rhythm-change.
> thanks a lot for help.
> johannes quint
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