[Smt-talk] equal division of the octave in pop songs

Murphy, Scott Brandon smurphy at ku.edu
Sun Aug 29 08:45:01 PDT 2010

"Awaken" from Going for the One by Yes seems to be a good one-stop shop for
such things, particularly since the song's multiple and complete ic5 cycles
are grouped in various ways that project shorter, embedded cycles (e.g. in
the sixth minute or so, when the ic5 idea first emerges, the bass employs an
complete ic3 sequence, and some treble voices can be heard to delineate an
ic2 trajectory).  But there¹s a lot more going on in this song regarding
such things than my brief description suggests.


Scott Murphy
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on 8/27/10 6:25 PM, arne0102 at umn.edu at arne0102 at umn.edu wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I'm looking for examples of popular songs (any genre) that employ equal
> division of the octave.
> Thanks,
> Mark Arneson
> University of Minnesota
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