[Smt-talk] Written record of Boulanger pedagogy?

Dmitri Tymoczko dmitri at Princeton.EDU
Fri Dec 10 10:48:08 PST 2010

Hi Everybody,

I'm looking for written materials that record the nitty-gritty of  
harmony as taught by Nadia Boulanger and associates: for instance,  
which tonal chord progressions were common and which were rare,  
according to Boulanger?  Which tonal sequences were most common?

There is a set of figured basses by Vidal, which she used in teaching,  
that I guess provide some indirect evidence here.  But I'm wondering  
if there's anything more direct?  Ideally I'm looking for something  
like "Nadia Boulanger's ideas about music, as written by Kostka and  

The reason is that (1) I would like to do some quantitative evaluation  
of the ideas in this tradition, based on my own analytical data, and  
(2) that some of what I've seen in Vidal interacts interestingly with  
my own ideas about these issues.


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