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Palacios and I published a paper in Resonancias (nº 8, mayo 2001, Pontificia
Universidad Católica de Chile) entitled "Patrones de improvisación y
acompañamiento en la música venezolana de salón del siglo XIX" (Patterns
of improvisation and accompaniment in Venezuelan XIX century salon music), with
an accurate description of patterns of piano accompaniment of Caribbean dances (waltz,
danza, polka and mazurka) during the last half of XIX Century in Venezuela. 

Francisco Sans

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  Have a look at the little chapter on dance types in Rameau's Treatise. And isn't there some good advice on writing dances in CPE Bach's True Art? 


Trent University
Peterborough, ON

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Hi list,   Long time reader, first time poster :)...
I am doing a study of accompaniment patterns, and was wondering if anyone knows any good sources of theoretical studies and/or catalogues of musical accompaniments (particularly piano textures). The other avenue that could help me here are studies of dance types (especially musical theatre type dances: waltz, quickstep, foxtrot, two step, etc). I know of Eric McKee's work on Dance in Chopin...is there anything else like this for other dance types?
         Thanks,      Peter Purin

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