[Smt-talk] Opportunities for autistic musician?

Daniel Wolf djwolf at snafu.de
Fri Jan 8 10:37:10 PST 2010

Marco Melanson, a self-taught composer from New Brunswick, with an autism  
spectrum disorder, has his own web page here:


The midi files may require some patience to listen to, but they do show,  
chronologically, a gradual deepening of Mr Melanson's musical range with  
his steady assimilation of more repertoire.  While the initial efforts are  
largely borrowed in bits and pieces from the music he heard (mostly  
Viennese classical music, Quebecois girl-singer pop, and later, Boy  
Bands), with very rudimentary technique and only modest development, I  
believe that one can hear a gradual emergence of a distinct compositional  
voice.  I am certain that Mr Melanson, who is rather isolated in New  
Brunswick, would enjoy corresponding with anyone interested in his work or  
the topic of this thread.

Daniel Wolf

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