[Smt-talk] Opportunities for autistic musician?

David Feurzeig mozojo at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 12:12:33 PST 2010

> However, what he hears and writes is how the piece stays;  he could  
> not handle making any compositional changes suggested by a teacher.

I experience this problem in varying degrees with neurotypical  
students, and with myself, plenty. When one has arrived at a  
"solution"--whether in a flash of inspiration or after much effort-- 
it can be difficult to allow other possibilities, even if one is not  
satisfied with the initial result.

Here's something worth trying, which I've heard was a pedagogical  
technique of Schoenberg: ask him (before he begins!) to write two or  
three versions. You can try this with anything: a counterpoint  
exercise, a guided task such as a contrasting answer to a given  
incipit, or an entire arrangement.

David Feurzeig
Music Department, University of Vermont
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