[Smt-talk] Can anyone I.D. this song?

Chris Bonds chbonds1 at willy.wsc.edu
Fri Jan 22 09:26:57 PST 2010

Thanks to all who kindly responded to my request for help on the 
"mystery song" I heard in the store. Kyle and others nailed it for me: 
"Long Train Running" originally by the Doobie Brothers (ca. 1973?) and 
redone by Bananarama and a few others, with numerous remixes. If I hear 
it again, I might be able to pinpoint which version it was that I heard. 
I'm thinking it was Bananarama, but I'm not sure.

And in the process I heard some other good choices courtesy of other 
colleagues! Thanks to all for their suggestions.

Incidentally, the store I heard it in was the Fresh & Easy on Horizon 
Ridge in Henderson, NV! ;)

Oh, by the way, when I said the melody notes were in c minor, that was a 
typo. I had originally written chords and melody in g minor and when I 
changed things around I missed "c minor". The video clip of Bananarama 
is actually in g sharp minor.

It's interesting to me that some of the other songs submitted were in 
pure 18th-century tonal harmony! No modal stuff.

Chris Bonds
Wayne State College (retired)

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