[Smt-talk] Seeking deceptively resolving applied dominants.

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Fri Jan 22 15:40:11 PST 2010

In a message dated 1/22/10 2:36:37 PM, jcuciure at uwo.ca writes:

> I reaching out to the collective wisdom to find instances (from tonal
> harmony in any genre or style) of deceptive resolutions of applied
> dominant chords.

Hi John,

Here's my short list:

Mozart, Variations on an original theme, K. 54, mm. 51-52: V7/vi --> IV
(This example is in the Aldwell/Schachter Workbook, Volume II, p. 75.)

Schubert, Impromptu, Op. 90, #3, mm. 6-7: V7/vi --> IV

I also had these two pieces on my list: the Courante from Bach's French 
Suite #5 in G Major (m. 3, etc.) and Chaikovsky's October from The Seasons (mm. 
6-7). Both of these could be read as versions of V7/IV --> ii, but they 
both run into the problem that Frank Samarotto brings up: the uncertain status 
of scale degree 2 in relation to the subdominant.

I too am curious to see more examples.

Dan Zimmerman
U. of Maryland, College Park 
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