[Smt-talk] Passing and Neighboring 6/4s

Yosef Goldenberg geyeni at netvision.net.il
Mon Jan 25 23:23:10 PST 2010

Dear list,
Apologies for extending the thread, but here is a new point [if I didn't 
miss anything...]
The preferrence of passing V6/4 over V4/3 or VII6 in beginning harmony 
course might indeed be a bias, but one directed precisely toward pedagogical 
effectiveness, since I-V6/4-I6 does not involve exceptional doublings, nor a 
seventh, and uses the most basic harmonic vocabulary.
For the general introction into harmony and voice leading, this is a 
justified simplification. Compare the overuse of simple tenses for 
introducting English grammer [or English as a foreign language].
The simplification might be acknowledged as such; Later on, it is desired 
that more precise observations are made.
Yossi Goldenberg

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