[Smt-talk] "Core syntax" and 6/4 chords etc.

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Dear members of the list,

My apologies to all, and particularly to Ildar Khannonov, for having misread in haste the intent behind his remarks concerning the absence of a definition of "passing tone" in Zarlino, and for having posted a quick reply on my way to a meeting.  He and David Cohen are quite right, of course, that Zarlino did not approach modern conceptions of the passing tone nor use the term in the passage cited, and it would never be my intent to imply that he did.  I meant only to point to a chapter in which Zarlino discusses and illustrates a dissonance treatment that produces the "minim passing tone" of modern counterpoint pedagogy.


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The passage cited by Timoth McKinney in Zarlino, _Le Istitutioni
harmoniche_, III.42, on p. 95 of the Marco/Palisca translation, is
pretty far from expressing the concept of "passing tone" as we now

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