[Smt-talk] looking for an example of a specific progression

Timothy Cutler tsc10 at case.edu
Sun May 23 08:43:57 PDT 2010

I'm looking for a progression such as I-viio6 (or V4/3)-I6 that supports
soprano scale degrees 1-4-3.
The reason is because I want an example of a chord (the viio6 or V4/3 in
this instance) that has
harmonic function (dominant), contrapuntal function (passing chord), and
voice-leading function (breaks up parallel octaves).

Can anyone think of a piece that uses one of these progressions and
outer-voice structure, or a similar diatonic progression
in which one of the chords exhibits harmonic, contrapuntal, and
voice-leading functions simultaneously?

Thanks very much!
Dr. Tim Cutler
Professor of Music Theory
Cleveland Institute of Music
timothy.cutler at case.edu
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