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Dear all,


One of my current MA students, who has been teaching music theory through the RCM for many years, is interested in examining which criteria are used to determine how theorists prepare, present (the sequence of material), and test a pedagogical approach for tonal harmony in recent music theory textbooks. She would like to include this analysis in the context of Lois Choksy's theories of learning, in particular, the sequence of the following steps: (1) readiness (or preparation); (2) procedure (moment of presentation/label/make conscious); (3) reinforcement (practice); and (4) assessment (synthesis; take concept out of original context and apply it to a new context while still understanding the concept). 


She is currently working through the following sources:

(1)   Michael R. Rogers, "Teaching Approaches in Music Theory: An Overview of Pedagogical Philosophies" (1984).

(2)   David M. Thompson, "A History of Harmonic Theory in the United States" (1980).

(3)   John D. White, "Guidelines for the Teaching of Music Theory" (1981)

Would anyone have suggestions on other sources that she should consult?


Also, if you have written textbooks or course packs for tonal harmony, would any of you be willing to correspond with her and answer specific questions on what criteria influenced your decisions? 


Please respond privately.


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