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Thu Oct 14 13:44:12 PDT 2010


     I just had a conversation with my department chair about this today.
We're running into the exact same issue here at Northern Kentucky University
-- it seems like a growing number of students that are clueless,
theory-wise.  Perhaps it's somehow related to rising enrollments related to
the economic downturn.

     At any rate, we offered a two-week "Summer Theory Institute" to
interested high school students.  We opened it up and advertised it to any
high school students who were interested, but we also specifically targeted
students who had done poorly during their audition day placement test.
Since it was our first year, we only got a turnout of 10 students (8 of whom
are now freshmen here), but I anticipate that with some earlier publicity
this year, this number will be much higher.  The selling point was that this
summer course would be cheaper and less boring than the 3-credit remedial
course that they would otherwise have to take.

     There's still something about a semi-compulsory class that beats online
education for most traditional students, in my humble opinion.  This culture
is gradually shifting, but I don't think we're dead yet.

     Eric Knechtges, DM
     Assistant Professor, Coordinator of Theory/Composition
     Northern Kentucky University
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