[Smt-talk] German Melodram 19/20th century

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Mon Oct 18 05:04:14 PDT 2010

Thank you to all for your prompt and helpful replies.
I have forwarded all suggestions to the organizing committee.
What a wonderful resource this list is !

Thank you again
Sandeep Bhagwati

2010/10/15 matralab <matralab at gmail.com>

> Dear Collective Wisdom
> I have been asked by an interdisciplinary comittee at my university:
> They are preparing a workshop on Melodrama (next May and/or September)
> and would like to invite a musicologist who could contribute to their
> discussions.
> Who would be the scholar to invite who could offer an overview and
> perspectives about German Melodrama, say, from Schumann to Henze
> (roughly - I am no expert either) in a comparative and interdisciplinary
> context ?
> S/he would be the only music scholar in a group consisting of literary,
> historical, theatre, sociology etc. scholars and practitioners.
> There would be composers and musicians, too.
> Any suggestions are welcome. But I cannot answer questions - I just offered
> to ask all of you for names.
> Thank you
> Sandeep Bhagwati
> Canada Research Chair
> Concordia University Montréal
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