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Online sources are great and convenient. But if you are affiliated to an
academic institution, you probably have access to the electronic Grove. Two
more clicks, and you have the William Drabkin authoritative entry on


There are also free sites that are at least semi-authoritative [like the Tom
Pankhurst Schenker website]. For fundamentals, there is Ricci Adams'


Some libraries have authoritative portals, e.g.
http://hcl.harvard.edu/research/guides/biblio/onmusic/hclweb [Online sources
for music scholars /Harvard], although I am not aware of a good portal for
music theory [perhaps the SMT should have one?]


In short, good accessible sources that circumvent Wikipedia and are not open
for free editing might be a more professional solution than.trying to make
Wikipedia what it is not.


Yossi Goldenberg

Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance


The Hebrew University of Jerusalem



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However, as a student myself, I feel like I need to address the issue from
the other side of the table. If I'm on my laptop and there is a concept that
I might want to find out more about - maybe because the discussion in the
source I'm currently invested in does not do the appropriate job or I'm in
an article that is above my level of understanding - I'm going to type that
term in my search bar on my browser. Try it yourself, Google/Yahoo/Bing
"Prolongation music" (because with some terms, it's necessary to distinguish
music versus another common term) - and bam! - that blasted Wikipedia page
is the very first entry! 

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