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I am the new in-house editor of Grove Music/Oxford Music Online and I have been following this discussion with great interest.  Dmitri, I'm sorry you received no response to your concerns about the polytonality article.   We try to respond promptly to every comment we receive.  We are very much interested in keeping Grove articles up-to-date and relevant to scholars. I would like to encourage any of you who notices errors or other problems with articles, or a need for an article on a particular subject, to contact me either directly or through the Grove Music Online "Contact Us" button on the website.  And if you are the author of any Grove articles, I hope you will participate in our Update GMO program, through which we offer authors the chance to update their own articles.  

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I just wanted to second Devin Chaloux's words about Wikipedia.  Wikipedia has its problems but on balance it is a tremendous force for good.  I use it all the time, as do all my students.  (For instance, just today I was reading its helpful discussion of the IS/LM model in macroeconomics, all while riding in a taxi.)  It's not the last word on anything, but it's a pretty good place to go for a quick introduction to many different topics.

I can definitely think of Wikipedia articles that are better than their Grove counterparts -- the article on "polytonality" comes to mind.  The most recent Grove entry on the subject is just terrible, much worse than the Grove article that preceded it.  I was so astonished when I first read it that I wrote in and offered to fix it.

I got no response, of course, so I went over to Wikipedia and started fixing their discussion of the subject.  Later people have come after me, and the current version isn't exactly what I would write, but it's much, much better than the Grove article -- instead of reflecting one scholar's opinion, it describes a cross section of views in the world.


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