[Smt-talk] Undergraduate Harmony curriculum for a blind student?

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Though I don't know much about the format, Clendinning & Marvin, 2nd ed. (W.W. Norton), is available as an ebook. That or another text in electronic version, combined with the text-to-speech and other accessibility features of a computer/e-reader, may work, if no true audio or braille text is available.

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On Aug 16, 2011, at 4:50 PM, Charles J. Smith wrote:

> I know this has come up on the list before, but perhaps not exactly in this form.
> Could anyone recommend or provide contact information for a harmony course (covering essentially the normal two-year undergraduate sequence) that would be accessible for a blind student?
> We're not trying to integrate this student into classroom study; that seems like a feat beyond our abilities, even with the help that might be provided by disability services. Rather the student wants to study on her own for a year or more, in order to pass out of our undergraduate requirements in order to pursue graduate study.
> I'm assuming there must be some kind of audio/Braille course out there somewhere that covers the basics of harmony and voice-leading. I hope my sanguinity isn't misleading me.
> Please reply privately, unless you think the information will be of general interest.
> Thanks all for your attention to this request,
> Charles
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