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Nicolas wrote:


“As to Y–X–Y as a ‘model of prolongation’, I can only repeat that this would form an excessively superficial view of the process. There is only one ‘Y’, that which is prolonged; the prolongation does not consist in splitting Y in two in order to insert X between the two parts, but in letting Y grow. ‘X’, if any, fully belongs to Y, of which it is an organic outgrowth. Schenker's thought is not an easy one; it certainly never is ‘naïve’.”

Suppose that the “Y-X-Y model” includes a relationship between Y and Y-X-Y. Then certainly Nicolas’s first objection is overcome (“there is only one ‘Y’, that which is prolonged”). As to his second objection, I think we need to have a clearer sense of what it means to “let Y grow” (or “let X grow organically out of Y”) before we can judge the “Y-X-Y model” in this sense as a “superficial” or “naïve” interpretation of Schenkerian Prolongation.


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