[Smt-talk] Music theory on Wikipedia

Philip Merrill veyr at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 15 16:31:53 PDT 2011

SMT could start its own wiki and then articles/content could be posted from 
there to Wikipedia. Wikipedia entries could also be linked to the SMT wiki, 
so what teenagers do to the content on Wikipedia could be balanced by the 
version maintained on the SMT wiki.

Philip Merrill
editor, GRAMMY.com

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> Dear all:
> We have to remember that Wikipedia is an open-source community - so, at 
> any time, anyone can go in and alter the work of another.   If someone is 
> willing to have their work put forward to be "remixed," then Wikipedia is 
> a good idea.  While I haven't had too much experience with that specific 
> issue, I do know that Kyle Gann lamented for quite some time about the 
> modifications made to his contributions for Wikipedia.
> Having said this - I do think some kind of "authoritative" online theory 
> portal is an excellent idea - not to mention the models that are already 
> out there on the web.
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