[Smt-talk] Music theory on Wikipedia

Paul Beaudoin, PhD paulbeaudoin at charter.net
Fri Jul 15 14:50:58 PDT 2011

Dear all:
We have to remember that Wikipedia is an open-source community - so, at 
any time, anyone can go in and alter the work of another.   If someone 
is willing to have their work put forward to be "remixed," then 
Wikipedia is a good idea.  While I haven't had too much experience with 
that specific issue, I do know that Kyle Gann lamented for quite some 
time about the modifications made to his contributions for Wikipedia.

Having said this - I do think some kind of "authoritative" online theory 
portal is an excellent idea - not to mention the models that are already 
out there on the web.

Paul Beaudoin, PhD
Fitchburg State University
Fitchburg, MA

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