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> Rather than extend, I'm hoping to close off this discussion thread with a recent article:
> "The Visibility of Wikipedia in Scholarly Publications"
> by Taemin Kim Park
> http://bit.ly/nsMWQd
> From the conclusion:
> "Recent involvement by higher education communities in Wikipedia implies Wikipedia's potential to become not only a reliable resource but also a learning and teaching tool for students.  Wikipedia's plans to include more women and elderly as well as expanding international offices will bring balance and wholeness in content.  As demonstrated in this study, active research on Wikipedia and citations to Wikipedia testifies to Wikipedia position as a rich resource.  The increasing scholarly attention to Wikipedia suggests a growing acceptance of its credibility as a valid information resource."

As a tiny little codetta to the discussion, which has indeed ended, let me point anyone who is interested to the following amusing 8-minute video on the history of the Wikipedia treatment of the "heavy metal umlaut."  Amusing and wonderful -- and an example of Wikipedia's bizarre strengths ...



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