[Smt-talk] transcriptions and recordings of diaphonic singing

luis jure lj at eumus.edu.uy
Sat Mar 19 15:51:12 PDT 2011

hello list,

i'm trying to find good field recordings of diaphonic singing of bulgaria
and macedonia (i mean, NOT "Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares" and the
like...). i have the volume dedicated to bulgaria in the series "musics
and musicians of the world" edited by auvidis. there are 3 or 4 songs from
the shope country in this style. 

and *most important*, i'm trying to find articles or books including
transcriptions of recordings that are available. the idea is comparing
accepted ways of notating this music with the audio recordings.

i found a pdf file on the web called THE HARVEST SINGING IN MACEDONIA with
dozens of transcriptions, but the document seems to be part of a book and
doesn't have much information about the sources. the details of the songs
are in cyrillic and i can't read it. 

any pointers would be greatly appreciated.



luis jure
eMe - estudio de música electroacústica

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