[Smt-talk] transcriptions and recordings of diaphonic singing

luis jure lj at eumus.edu.uy
Sun Mar 20 17:22:42 PDT 2011

el 2011-03-20 a las 19:53 Paul Siskind escribió:

> A very good short book (an introduction, particularly good for students)
> is Timothy Rice's "Music from Bulgaria" in the Oxford series
> Experiencing Music, Experiencing Culture.  It doesn't have
> transcriptions per se, but it is a good, concise discussion about some
> of the theoretical aspects as well as cultural aspects.

thank you paul for the suggestions and the recommendations. i've been
looking at the rice's books at amazon already. it's good to know that i
won't find any transcriptions there. what about the other book, "May It
Fill Your Soul: Experiencing Bulgarian Music"? it comes with a CD, if i
understand correctly. 

does anyone know if there are transcriptions in the book corresponding to
the recordings in the CD? a short excerpt of *diaphonic chant* will do. 



luis jure
eMe - estudio de música electroacústica

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