[Smt-talk] Undergraduate theory curricula (re-post)

Elizabeth W. Marvin bmarvin at esm.rochester.edu
Thu Nov 3 08:05:43 PDT 2011

Dear list members,

Shortly before the SMT conference, I wrote  to solicit thoughts from members
of SMT about ways you have seen the undergraduate core curriculum in music
theory change and develop over time to what it is today at your
institutions.  This information may be of general interest to the list, but
I will also be using it as data for a panel presentation I have been invited
to present, along with Gary Karpinski and Tim Smith, at the annual meeting
of the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM).  I thought it might
be a good idea to solicit data for the talk from teachers in diverse types
of institutions in order to present the broadest input to NASM.

This conference is next week, and I am writing now for any last-minute
information from folks who missed the first call.  Thank you to those who
already responded to me privately.  Here is the description of what they¹ve
asked us to present:  ³Questions such as content, allocations of time, and
relationships between time and content will be explored. Other topics
include but are not limited to ways of thinking afresh about content,
scheduling and order of content delivery, types and means of teaching, and
how the musicianship, theory, and composition/improvisation components are
connected to other core components and to the building of general
musicianship within degree, course, and curricular structures.²

Please reply to me privately (bmarvin at esm.rochester.edu), or to the list
only if you think others may be interested in responding to your post.

Many thanks,
Betsy Marvin
Eastman School of Music

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