[Smt-talk] Figured bass query - Bach/Schemelli no. 5.

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Now that the matter is settled (and properly so), I should perhaps add 
that, in the early 19th century, the Paris Conservatoire (Catel?) 
conceived that a diagonal line through 5 indicated the diminished 5th 
characteristic of the dominant 7th, while the sign + denoted the leading 
tone belonging to the same. The (implicit) purpose seems to have been to 
recognize the "natural" 7th chord (that of the dominant) and to 
differentiate it from any other 7th.
     In the example quoted by Yosef Goldenberg, the 5 with a line 
through it indicates a raised 5th above degree II in minor, therefore 
not a "natural" 7th, while the 6 with a line in the reverse direction 
really means "+6" in the French convention, the "natural 7th", cause of 
many mistakes...

Le 11/11/2011 21:13, יוסי גולדנברג Yosef Goldenberg a écrit :
> Thanks for all the responses (E – F# is definitely the correct 
> realization).
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> Dear all
> I wish to find out whether the attached realization is correct. The 5 
> and 6 numbers are signed with diagonal lines in opposite directions. I 
> received conflicting comments, endorsing e-f, e-f sharp or e flat – f 
> sharp. Do the opposite directions imply opposite chromatic 
> inflections, or do both represent sharpenings?
> Thanks
> Yossi Goldenberg
> The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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