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The whole question of how _much_ sonata form influenced the structure of operatic numbers is a fascinating one.

Charles Rosen has a chapter on "arias," as I recall, in his Sonata Forms book.  Maybe only in the revised version, which not all libraries own.

I used to use arias by Dittersdorf and Grétry to make this very point, in my undergrad Classic-Romantic music-history course here at Eastman.  

Dittersdorf: Doktor und Apotheker, aria "Verliebte brauchen keine Zeugen" (which I initially found in the History of Music in Sound series of LPs that were produced to coordinate with the Oxford History of Music)

Grétry: Richard Coeur de Lion, aria "Si l'univers entier m'oublie" (ditto--which suggests to me that maybe they were discussed in regard to sonata form in the respective volume of OHM, or why else would two s-f arias have ended up in the anthology?).

As I recall, the three main sections of music coordinate directly with the strophic divisions of the text (though differently in the two arias).

I don't recall if there is a discussion of this kind of repertoire (opera arias and ensembles) in Hepokoski/Darcy book on Sonata Theory.

The topic surely invites further study!
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I'm looking for compositions for voice written in sonata form - either solo voice(s) 
with accompaniment or choir with or without accompaniment.  The only works I've 
been able to find so far are those listed in the Groves entry on sonata form:  
Mozart, "Ah taci ingiusto cora" from Don Giovanni;  Haydn, "With Verdure Clad" 
from The Creation;  Beethoven, Benedictus from Missa Solemnis;  and Brahms, "Ihr 
habt nun Traurigkeit" from the German Requiem.  Does anyone know of any more?


Peter Silberman
Ithaca College
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