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Dear Kris and list,

I'm afraid I don't have personal experience mitigating dyslexia with a student (though as a note of encouragement, I know graduate students who must have successfully done so in their undergrad music theory/aural skills courses). The url for the earlier mentioned website maintained by the SMT Interest Group on Music and Disability Studies is:  http://smt.esm.rochester.edu/dismus/ (or navigate from the SMT homepage, left bar "interest groups", "music and disability interest group"). I hope you are able to connect with many who have more direct experience. It would also be worthwhile to post your inquiry on the Mus/Disability Interest Group's list-serv: DISMUS-L [at] GC.LISTSERV.CUNY.EDU

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Dear Colleagues,
I have a freshman music theory and aural skills student who is demonstrating signs of dyslexia. While she is pursuing testing and an official diagnosis, I'm searching for ways to help her through some of her specific struggles. So far I've found some helpful lists of musical problems often associated with dyslexia, many of which are true for this student, but nothing in terms of helping an adult learn music theory, dictation, or sight singing. Do any of you know of specific resources for music theory instructors in this regard? Or have you found types of practice techniques, assignments, accommodations that were helpful for a dyslexic student in your charge? Until we have an official diagnosis, we can't make any testing accommodations, but I'd like to start tutoring as soon as possible (she needs tutoring help whether dyslexic or not!), or she may fail the course. So I'd really appreciate any suggestions for training/practice techniques that we can try right away.

She is currently in the first semester of theory (finishing up 2-voice species counterpoint in a week or so and moving on to basic chord structures) and aural skills (just started a unit with first substantial focus on melodic dictation, using Karpinski's protonotation-to-musical-notation method). Any suggestions specific to that would be amazing. But anything relating to dyslexia and musical notation, musical instruction, solfege, dictation, etc. would be a big help. And if any of you with insights want to talk over coffee at SMT, that would be wonderful.


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