[Smt-talk] Dylexia and music theory/aural skills

K. Christian McGuire kmcguire at bitstream.net
Mon Oct 17 19:31:22 PDT 2011

Eliot Handelman wrote:"So: there MIGHT be interference effects involving 
music and language -- "

I needn't go into details, but while I have taught my own young children 
"fixed do" since birth (and a little before) I myself struggle with 
connecting the singing of numbers or syllables to pitches.  Going a step 
beyond that, I simply do not hear words when set to music or recited in 
verse, I must have them printed in front of me and read along for me to 

While I have never been diagnosed as dyslexic, I do have issues a lifelong 
(41 years now) visual impairment (both strabismus and amblyopia (left eye)) 
and a few other peculiarities (ambidextrous, dominant left for writing and 
throwing, dominant right for batting, golfing and playing bass & guitar).
I was not aware that I did not have binocular vision and normal depth 
perception until my early 30s, I just figured I was a really slow but 
careful reader. (incidentally this is probably why I earned my undergrad in 
Philosophy and Classical Languages and enjoy paleographical research...)

With regard to sight singing, I have discovered a connection between my left 
hand and musical intervals. that is, my left hand will subconsciously finger 
the intervals as I sing.

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