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Dear John (and list),

Regarding the original posting, there is a rather obscure pedagogical
treatise by a female Scottish theorist that uses games to teach elementary
music theory and dates from 1803:

Anne Gunn (late Young), *An introduction to music in which the elementary
parts of the science, and the principles of thorough bass and modulation, as
illustrated by the musical games and apparatus, are fully and familiarly
explained, with copious examples: together with a description of the
apparatus, compleat directions for playing the several games, with
introductory and additional games, illustrating the different cliffs on a
plan entirely new* (Edinburgh: Muir, Wood and Company, 1803). [OCLC:


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On Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 1:43 PM, John Snyder <JLSnyder at uh.edu> wrote:
> Dear Collective Wisdom,
> A student, looking for a paper topic, has inquired about the possibility
> writing
> on a female theorist (or several), in historical context. I know a number
> outstanding
> female theorists, but must admit that all of them are living, and wouldn't
> make
> good subjects for the paper in question. Help, anyone?
> Best,
> John
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