[Smt-talk] Female theorists in history

Gabe Fankhauser fankhauserg at appstate.edu
Tue Oct 18 06:34:07 PDT 2011

John et al,

I recognize that this is not exactly what was requested, but including 
recent and living female theorists has advantages. First, the field of 
music theory, and by extension what it means to be a "music theorist," 
has changed (advanced) dramatically in the past 20-30 years. Second, 
theorists I know would likely be happy to correspond directly with your 
student. What an educational opportunity that could be!

SMT's Committee on the Status of Women sponsored a wonderfully engaging 
(and unprecedented) session in 2009 "Form as Process: Celebrating the 
Work of Janet Schmalfeldt" (see MTO 16,2). Next week, SMT-CSW will be 
sponsor the session "The Current State of Feminist Scholarship in Music 
Theory." (I'll announce more on that in a separate email.) The committee 
also assembled a bibliography years ago. It sorely needs updating but is 
still accessible and may be helpful:




On 10/13/2011 1:43 PM, John Snyder wrote:
> Dear Collective Wisdom,
> A student, looking for a paper topic, has inquired about the possibility
> of writing on a female theorist (or several), in historical context. I know a
> number of outstanding female theorists, but must admit that all of them are living, and
> wouldn't make good subjects for the paper in question. Help, anyone?
> Best,
> John


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