[Smt-talk] Female theorists in history

art samplaski agsvtp at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 23 08:04:57 PDT 2011

This thread seems to've died out; but whatever happens
re John Snyder's student, I would like to personally
thank the other respondents for the memory jogs of their
suggestions. While I'd not known of Ms. Glower, I was
_THOROUGHLY_ embarrassed at having spaced on women like
Patricia Carpenter and Adele Katz. (For whatever reason,
I don't yet think of Rosemary Killam as "historical,"
perhaps from having gone to school w. her daughter...:)
I have clearly been spending waaay too much time with
Greeks and Carolingians for that HoT book!:(

Looking forward to Minneapolis,

Art Samplaski
Ithaca, NY

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