[Smt-talk] Music Theory in the Funny Pages

Paul Lombardi lombardi at unm.edu
Fri Sep 9 10:16:09 PDT 2011

A music theory textbook flies across the screen in the music video 
*Forget* You by Cee Lo Green.

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On 9/9/2011 5:07 AM, Dave Headlam wrote:
> Indeed! I like the blue wrist braces . . .
> On the general topic of music theory in popular culture, there’s a
> notable episode of an old TV show, Moonlighting, which starred Cybill
> Shepherd and Bruce Willis. In the episode, Willis is dating a cellist,
> and he goes over to her wall, and she has a diploma of some sort in
> Music Theory. So, Willis says, “Music Theory, huh? [ plucks the C string
> on her cello ] -- I was going to get a degree in Music Theory, but Grand
> Funk Railroad broke up!”
> Dave
> On 9/9/11 6:59 AM, "Justin London" <jlondon at carleton.edu> wrote:
>     OK, so which one of us bribed Woody Wilson and Make Manley to get
>     the "music theorists often use math to understand music" shout out
>     into today's comic?
>     http://www.oregonlive.com/comics-kingdom/?feature_id=Judge_Parker
>     And next time, let's talk to Garry Trudeau or Darby Conly(!)
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