[Smt-talk] Aptitude testing

Roger Graybill Roger.Graybill at necmusic.edu
Sun Aug 5 17:05:38 PDT 2012

Dear smt-list:

I'm curious to know whether anyone on the list is familiar with an aptitude
test, designed by Edwin Gordon, that goes by the name "Advanced Measures of
Music Audiation" (AMMA).  Gordon is in the field of music education, and
over the last several decades he's developed a music learning theory that
(among other things) trains students in audiation skills.

Gordon contrasts musical aptitude with achievement (the former does not
depend on notational skills)  and he believes that that students who are not
high achievers can actually possess a high aptitude level.  The aptitude
test that he has designed does not include any notation, and it's intended
to work for college students as well as secondary students and older adults.

Have any of us on the list administered AMMA to college music majors, and if
yes, how did it work out?

Please feel free to respond to me privately if you prefer.


Roger Graybill

Faculty, Music Theory Department
New England Conservatory
roger.graybill at necmusic.edu

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