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Once again I venture to consult the wisdom of the list. In Spring I will teach a hand-on class  focusing on music theory writing, research, and presentation skills. To quote from the perhaps over-ambitious course description, "each participant will develop a project, write a conference proposal, function as a member of a program committee, deliver a conference-style presentation, produce an article, and submit the article to a music theory journal. The proposal, presentation, and article will be read and critiqued by the entire class in a seminar-style setting….The class will also (1) study and critique a selection of music theory articles of different types that will serve as models of  good (and not so good) analytical prose, and (2) investigate such topics as grammar, sentence and paragraph structure; writing style; how to present and incorporate musical analysis into coherent prose; the integration of musical examples with text; organizational strategies; and analytical approach and content."

My question is in regards to (2). The first time I taught this course I included a component on grammar, and used the only book I could find that included a lot of short exercises (multiple choice, fill in the blank, or write short sentences). The book was Brian Brooks, James L. Pinson, Jean Gaddy Wilson/Working with Words: A Handbook for Media Writers and Editors, 6th ed., 2006. It didn't prove particularly suitable, both because of its emphasis on media writing and because the presentation was confusing.

Can anyone recommend another book that includes exercises? I don't want a book about broad writing strategies, or a collection of good models (such as Deborah Stein's Engaging Music), but on "grammar, sentence and paragraph structure."

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