[Smt-talk] Inquiry about Capiatl versus Lowercase Roman Numerals Usage

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In Spain the capital RN are much more widespread than the mixed system.
I also prefer it for it's uniformity and simplicity. I don't really understand the utility of marking the chord types when they are diatonic (i. e. proper to the system (major, minor, other scales...) of the piece). I like the sense in which a diatonic harmony is always marked the same way (f. ex. I-IV-V-I equally in both modes) and only departures from the "norm" received special markings.
Of course capital RN require a previous clear definition of what "diatonic chords" are meant in each case (I=major in major mode, minor in minor mode and so on).

I also think students should know the roots of the most common systems (jazz and functional/Riemann too).

El 10/12/2012, a las 15:00, Ninov, Dimitar N escribió:

> Dear Colleagues,
> Does anyone teach harmonic analysis with capital RN only, the key signature suggesting the size of the chords?
> Although I apply the mixed system at Texas Stet (because of the policy of the school) I prefer the capital numerals for they look neater and more uniform (in the good sense of the word). But I was curious to see the scale of its usage in the US. I also think American students should be acquainted with both systems for reference.
> Thank you.
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