[Smt-talk] Figured bass (was abbreviated labels of 7th chords)

Mark.AnsonCartwright at qc.cuny.edu Mark.AnsonCartwright at qc.cuny.edu
Thu Feb 9 06:58:00 PST 2012

Dear readers of this list:

I always use 4/2, not 2, when doing harmonic analysis in my classes. It 
keeps the students in touch with the kind of figured bass signature they 
will need to recognize when they study scores that have basso continuo. 
The number 2 alone is not something students will routinely find when they 
do score reading of, for example, Bach cantatas.
I guess the reason this discussion came up is that harmonic analysis, as 
widely practiced, is a hybrid of two labelling systems: Roman numerals and 
figured bass.


Mark Anson-Cartwright
Aaron Copland School of Music
Queens College, CUNY

Mark.AnsonCartwright at qc.cuny.edu
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