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Kris Shaffer kshaffer at csuniv.edu
Sun Feb 19 16:58:02 PST 2012

I threw together a really rough and quick sample of things that can be done really easily with social media relating to music theory & analysis. I uploaded to my domain here: http://socialmusicsamples.shaffermusic.com. These are things that can be incorporated onto a website or blog very easily (took about 15 minutes or so to put that page together, including the time taken to think up what sample searches to include). They are also samples of what an interested twitter or RSS user can keep track of and contribute to on a regular basis. And, of course, you can follow individuals even more easily; this page just incorporates topical material.

A lot of the stuff that goes though is garbage, but there are some really cool things as well. In fact, while I was working on my dissertation on Ligeti, the Met did a performance of Le grand macabre. I kept tabs of the #Ligeti hashtag on twitter, and there were lots of insightful reviews, comments, and articles—both from professional musicians and from audience members. It was a thread well worth following, despite the fact that none of the contributors I found were peer-review-published Ligeti scholars. (And in retrospect a thread worth contributing to more than I did.) 

And then there is the album made entirely of tweets in supercollider code (i.e., 140-character-max scripts): http://supercollider.sourceforge.net/sc140/.

Kris Shaffer
Assistant Professor of Music Theory
Charleston Southern University

kshaffer at csuniv.edu
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