[Smt-talk] Uncommon six-four chords

Gabe Fankhauser fankhauserg at appstate.edu
Thu Feb 2 06:42:40 PST 2012


A simple example of a passing "ii64" may be found in m. 2 of Schumann's 
"An Important Event"--A: V/V V (ii64) V65. Also note the "uncommon" 
six-fours used in the Beatles' "Julia," in which the first is passing 
(?) and the second serves syntactically (if that!) as a cadential 
six-four--D: I  vi (iii64),  I  vi  (iii64) V  I.

SMT-Talk had a substantial (though hardly exhaustive) thread on six-four 
chords last year:




On 2/1/2012 10:23 AM, Solomon, Jason wrote:
> I am seeking examples (from any style or time period, but preferably 
> from the common practice) of ii6/4 serving as a passing chord between 
> V and V6, with or without the seventh added either to ii (ii4/3) or to 
> one or both dominants... 

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