[Smt-talk] Nature and Labeling of the Cadential Six-Four

Olli Väisälä ovaisala at siba.fi
Mon Feb 13 12:48:15 PST 2012

> You wrote: "...the 6/4 is labeled as a I in a progression put in  
> parentheses (=I–IV–V–I) above a V symbol" Only that the dominant  
> does not usually resolve in a cadential six-four, but it must be a  
> pedal six-four, or just a progression of several functions over a  
> dominant bass? Since the list does not transmit attachments, I will  
> have to ask for more information.

Sorry, my previous post was slightly inaccurate. Only I–IV–V appears  
above V. Hence I–IV–V above V elaborates the framing V6/4–5/3  
progression. (Schenker: FC, Fig. 109e6.)

Olli Väisälä
Sibelius Academy
ovaisala at siba.fi

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