[Smt-talk] Kindly delete lengthy previous posts from your replies?

gzar at mail2.gis.net gzar at mail2.gis.net
Tue Feb 14 06:31:09 PST 2012

Dear SMT-list Colleagues,

Could you kindly remember to delete lengthy chains of previous quoted 
posts from your replies to the list -- except, of course, when you 
are quoting specific passages to clarify your reply, or when you are 
responding in-line?

The resultant "chained" replies become quite lengthy, taking up lots 
more Inbox space with content that we all already have received. At 
least for the health of my own Inbox, and to save me from the effort 
of deleting all the repeated quotes, I would be very grateful!

None the less, your replies themselves are continually of interest!



Gerald Zaritzky
Faculty, Department of Music Theory
New England Conservatory of Music
290 Huntington Avenue (Room SB 305)
Boston, Massachusetts 02115  USA
gerald.zaritzky at necmusic.edu

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