[Smt-talk] Binary Bias in Metric Perception Studies

Michael Morse mwmorse at bell.net
Tue Feb 28 17:36:52 PST 2012

Like Greg, I'm a little confused here too. Do you mean "blank pulse" and "duple and triple meter"? ("isochronous clicks," "
binary/ternary 'measures')? The word "preference" has me puzzled, too, ditto "subjective"; although a matter of perception, more strictly of "perceiving as" rather than "perceiving"--perhaps that's what you mean by "subjective"?--such orientations don't seem to me altogether voluntary. You can see the famous illustration as a duck or as a rabbit, and sometimes decide to see it as one or the other; but mostly the alternatives happen of themselves, often oscillating without and even against our will.
What is the aim of this project?
MW MorseTrent UniversityPeterborough, Oshawa

I am looking for subjective rhythmization studies that test listeners' preferences for grouping undifferentiated, isochronous clicks into either binary or ternary "measures." Any suggestions from the list would be most appreciated.

Thanks,Laurel Parsons
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