[Smt-talk] Binary Bias in Metric Perception Studies

Gregory Karl gregkarl at frontier.com
Wed Feb 29 11:21:32 PST 2012


I am pretty sure they meant "perceiving as" because the isochronous  
clicks would be evenly spaced temporally and identical in every other  
way. Under these conditions, perceived metric groupings could only be  
subjective—at least that is how I parse the jargon-heavy prose:-)

I was hoping to differentiate between two kinds of hypotheses:

1) Duple preference based on bodily structure—Just as humans use base  
ten because we (well, most of us) have ten digits on our hands, so  
perhaps we prefer (most naturally hear, that is) binary metric  
groupings because we have two legs(?).

2) Duple preference based on some aspect of perceptual or cognitive  

Greg Karl
Jay NY

On Feb 28, 2012, at 8:36 PM, Michael Morse wrote:

> Like Greg, I'm a little confused here too. Do you mean "blank  
> pulse" and "duple and triple meter"? ("isochronous clicks," "  
> binary/ternary 'measures')? The word "preference" has me puzzled,  
> too, ditto "subjective"; although a matter of perception, more  
> strictly of "perceiving as" rather than "perceiving"--perhaps  
> that's what you mean by "subjective"?--such orientations don't seem  
> to me altogether voluntary. You can see the famous illustration as  
> a duck or as a rabbit, and sometimes decide to see it as one or the  
> other; but mostly the alternatives happen of themselves, often  
> oscillating without and even against our will.
> What is the aim of this project?
> MW Morse
> Trent University
> Peterborough, Oshawa

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