[Smt-talk] Recent Functionally Tonal Pieces

Ferencz, George J ferenczg at uww.edu
Wed Feb 29 13:05:22 PST 2012

Dear Listers:

I no longer try to make reference to the very latest in rock/pop, but a
possible halfway-meeting place with my 18-19-year olds is at least some of
the "American Idol" kind of tunes, giving renewed popularity to
decades-old pop songs.

Also, recent Broadway (setting aside the most intricate, Sondheimy things)
has plenty of tonic triads and dominants and such still doing their
traditional chores; you may not love the topical matter of "Urinetown" or
"Avenue Q," but the musical language is oftentimes very conventional in
that regard. (And, if this makes sense, being more "keyboard-based" and
less "guitar-based" than current pop as a whole)

Just my two cents--I'll be interested in others' suggestions as well!


George Ferencz
Dept. of Music
U. Wisconsin-Whitewater
ferenczg at uww.edu

On 2/29/12 9:41 AM, "Dmitri Tymoczko" <dmitri at Princeton.EDU> wrote:

>Dear List,
>I'm looking for pieces of recent, notated music (last 30 years or so, no
>jazz) that are functionally tonal -- in which dominants, tonics, and
>predominants put in regular appearances.  Movie music is fine; though I'd
>preferably like to get some scores.
>The purpose is to show some of this music to my freshman theory students
>who are wondering what they might do with all their newfound theory
>Any suggestions would be appreciated!
>Dmitri Tymoczko
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