[Smt-talk] Metric Perception Studies (was re Binary Bias...)

art samplaski agsvtp at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 29 12:21:07 PST 2012

Dear list,

Slightly tangential but in connection with Laurel's query,
has anybody ever heard of studies on the relative salience
of different metric beats and/or attack points within beats?
(E.g., how perceptually salient is beat 2 in duple vs. beat
2 in triple vs. in quadruple, etc.? Or, how relatively
salient are the 4 16th-note attack points in a beat of 2/4,
3/4, or 4/4?)

This is in re the keyfinding stuff I've been working on
since fall, 2010--I couldn't find anything in the PsychLit
database, but it's entirely possible I didn't use the
proper search word(s).

Many thanks in advance! Off-list replies are fine (and perhaps
preferred, unless others are interested...).

Art Samplaski
Ithaca, NY


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