[Smt-talk] Spurious journal?

Jeffrey Perry jperry at lsu.edu
Mon Jul 30 09:31:09 PDT 2012

I assume that I'm not the only one to receive frequent, unsolicited, emails
from something called the International Journal of Humanities and Social
Science. Does anyone have information about this periodical, or the
organization behind it (the "Center for Promoting Ideas")?
There is no obvious way to unsubscribe from these emails, which solicit
submissions to the journal, so I have set my spam filter to intercept them.
The problem is that every email I receive from this organization comes from
a different gmail account, the sender's name is a different, made-up
sounding moniker each time. This is a strategy used by spammers, which makes
me skeptical of the whole enterprise.
I'd be grateful for any information that anyone has about this outfit.
Jeff Perry
Professor of Music Theory
275 Music and Dramatic Arts
School of Music, College of Music & Dramatic Arts
Louisiana State University
jperry at lsu.edu / (225) 578-3556 (voice) / (225) 578-2562 (fax)

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